Auto Accidents

There are about 125,000 auto accidents in Pennsylvania annually.

Did you know….

15-40% of injuries that occur in an accident will suffer from ongoing chronic pain

*Journal of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 2007

Did you also know….

X-rays taken 7 years after whiplash injuries showed neck disc arthritis in 39% of the patients

*The Cervical Spine Research Society. 1989

Seeking Chiropractic Care to Ease Pain

Experiencing a car accident can wreak havoc both emotionally and physically to the body. The blur of events and surge of adrenaline can stunt the prevalence of injuries until hours or even days after the accident has occurred. It can be an overwhelming ordeal to say the least. After the physical and emotional trauma that may occur following a car accident, having a facility that will offer full recovery services and attentive care from a chiropractor can ease the pain and residual effects that may stem from an accident; while also initiating intensive rehabilitation to begin repair to injuries. Advanced Recovery Chiropractic Center (ARCC) specializes in neck pain, headaches, low back pain and other injuries as a result of a car accident.

autoacc2_1.pngA chiropractic evaluation is important in order to fully assess the level of damage that has been caused to the body, some of which may not be noticeable externally. Even worse, most people who have been involved in an auto accident may not even know that they've been hurt. Most doctors give pain killers to hide these injuries. Certain injuries such as swelling, chronic headaches and continual low back pain can be eliminated and monitored with soft tissue techniques (Graston technique, Pin and stretch, massage etc) and physical therapy exercises. More importantly, more serious injuries can be treated directly to prevent further damage from occurring within the body and to maintain pain management for everyday active lifestyles.

Why Immediate Chiropractic Care is Most Beneficial

The best medical journals report that whiplash type injuries produce scar tissue that usually heals within 6-8 weeks after an accident. If proper treatment is NOT received during that first 6-8 weeks the chance of the problem becoming chronic dramatically increases. That’s why it’s so important to get checked up within the first 14 days after an accident, it’s easier to fix a small problem then wait until it’s a big problem!

BAck_pain.jpgThe severity of a car accident cannot always determine the level of treatment needed for various injuries. The speed of the cars involved in the accident or the amount of physical damage to the car may not relate to the intensity of neck or back injury; speeds as low as 15 miles per hour can produce enough energy to cause whiplash in occupants, whether or not they wear seat belts. Even the slightest fender bender can cause spinal misalignment, bruising, swelling and often times painful effects including neck pain, headaches and low back pain that may require a chiropractor’s trained methods and implemented exercises to alleviate soreness, rehabilitate injuries and ease low back pain and other muscle tenderness.

A complete evaluation will address all injuries, both internally and externally and a chiropractor can determine where the concentration of chiropractic care should be focused on, as well as what areas of the body are also being affected by the injury. This allows each treatment to provide the maximum benefits for the body's full, healthy recovery. Although at times recovery can seem slower than one might hope for, with the right treatment and consistent tracking of progress, the pace at which healing can actually occur happens more quickly than previously anticipated.

By seeking immediate attention, this helps pave the way for returning back to the normal active life style you once had before the injury from being involved in a car accident!

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