Slip & Fall

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over one million Americans suffer a slip and fall injury annually.

slipfall_1.pngSlips, trips, and falls are common accidents that happen every day, so it’s understandable that people tend to brush them aside. The injury is often mild and it is easy enough to laugh about it and continue on. Unfortunately, some slip and fall accidents can be very serious and serious consequences.

You may have missed work time, and your life may have changed forever. If you were hurt in a slip and fall accident you may be entitled to pain relief care at NO cost to you at all.

slipfall2_1.pngSlip and fall accidents are some of the most frustrating because they can happen anywhere. Such places as stationary and moving walkways, sidewalks, elevators, or curbs, driveways, parking lots, parking garages, public restrooms, gyms, pools shopping centers and grocery stores, restaurants, bars and clubs, work or the location of work-related duties, swimming pools, construction areas, stairs with loose handrails and more.

If you or anyone you know were injured in a slip and fall accident and because of it are suffering in pain call the office and schedule your FREE consultation today!

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