Physical Rehabilitation Therapy

15-40% of injuries that occur in an accident will suffer from ongoing chronic pain

Current literature recommends that all forms of manual care should include an active component. By engaging patients in exercises they are taking an active role in his or her recovery and preventing the condition from becoming chronic and disabling.

Rehabilitative exercises that target condition specific areas will improve strength and endurance and decrease levels of pain. The prescribed program will also decrease the likelihood of recurrence and in the event of a future episode should limit the amount of time to recovery.

The best medical journals report that whiplash type injuries produce scar tissue that usually heals within 6-8 weeks after an accident. If proper treatment is NOT received during that first 6-8 weeks the chance of the problem becoming chronic dramatically increases. That’s why it’s so important to get checked up within the first 14 days after an accident, it’s easier to fix a small problem then wait until it’s a big problem!

At Advanced Recovery Chiropractic Center (ARCC) every patient is prescribed a wide variety of rehab exercises that are catered to each individual.

Don’t depend on pain medication to get you through the day anymore.

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